Repair Grub using Ubuntu LiveCD

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5 Responses to “Repair Grub using Ubuntu LiveCD”

  1. Bruce Erlichman Says:

    How do you boot from the LiveCD when options are:

    Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer
    Install Ubuntu
    Check disc for defects
    Test memory
    Boot from first hard disk

    Can’t boot from first hard disk because the hard disk has no grub – this is what I’m trying to repair. I certainly don’t want to install

    Other options at F6 are meaningless to me.

    • Admin Says:

      Sorry for not being clear on that.

      In the menu the option that starts the Live Session off the CD is “Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer”.

      Are you Dual Booting? – That is, do you have Windows and Linux on the same machine?

  2. Ville Lampolahti Says:

    I have similar problem with dual-booting Hp nc6320.
    When I list the partitions with grub i get 4 partitions the setup command gives me “file not found” error 15.
    I’m not sure on which partition the grub was/is on.
    When booting the grub just hangs, doesn’t give any errors.


    • Admin Says:

      Have you tried the above steps?

      • Ville Lampolahti Says:

        I sure have.
        “setup (hd0)”, or “setup (hd0,#)”
        commands just return different error messages. (error 15 for example)
        Actually it seems that my XP broke the MBR totally, maybe I’ll try FIXMBR on XP first and then try Grub again?

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